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Lipsi is a small Greek island forming part of the Dodecanese, located east of Patmos and north

of Leros. It gives its name to a minor archipelago of which it is

the biggest (16 square kilometres) and only inhabited island. It is

still a little visited island but exceptional from a naturalistic point of view. Indeed, much of

the landscape is unspoiled and

the visitor can encounter farmers riding atop their mules. Outside

the island’s only town, throughout the hills, there are numerous

small blue and white chapels,

built by the islanders as ex-votos.

Day trips

Lipsi is ideally located for the visitor to explore the neighboring islets and islands, places of stunning natural beauty, definitely worthy to visit.


Small caique boats depart daily in the morning from the fishermen' harbor and sail around the archipelago, stopping at various islets, such as Makronisi and Aspronissi, places of breathtaking natural beauty, where visitors can explore natural caves and swim in crystal blue waters. Later, the boat reaches Marathi and Arki, where one can have lunch in the shade of tamarisk trees at family-run taverns. The boats return to Lipsi harbor in the evening, as the sun sets below the horizon where the sea meets the sky.

A tour of the nearby elegant island of Patmos, where St. John the Evangelist wrote the "Revelation" (Apocalypse), is a great idea of spending a day.

There, visitors can reach the picturesque Chora with its castle, located atop the hill overlooking the port. The formidable St. John’s Monastery, built in 1088, and it its museum are also worth visiting.